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Jeff Pass posted in Coalition of Peterborough  Municipal Workers

Jeff  Pass

10:56am Aug 1

Update, we had a  meeting with Management yesterday which did not go well, they agreed to a meeting just to appease us and council, we went in there with open arms  and great hope that they may listen to their workers, but instead we just  got lip service, and they had no intention in listening!
Immediately after this meeting I began calling the media and councilors       to let them know just how Management was unwilling to listen.
SO! more than ever we need your support Tuesday night at council, city hall 6 pm, last time we had 90 supporters this meeting we are hoping for100!!! plus, We have some interesting speakers that I am sure you will enjoy speaking on our behalf, we ,the Executive are working hard on your behalf, but we need YOUR support, as I said numbers speak VOLUMES!!!
Thank you and we will see you there 🙂
Jeff Pass
CUPE Local 504


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