Coalition of Peterborough Municipal Workers

The joint union coalition was spearheaded by the three City of Peterborough CUPE municipal locals, Local 504, 126 and 1883. In this next phase of the campaign the work will seek to promote and defend public services through the establishment of a community labour coalition. After participating in a couple of past events, Local 1306 has decided to join the coalition.

CUPE Locals representing municipal workers in the City of County of Peterborough, as well as Bancroft and Hastings Highlands, will be encouraged to take an active role to defend public services and stop privatization and service cuts in the City and County of Peterborough. Key to this campaign is a three prong approach that builds from the groundwork done in 2011. The three prongs are: education, mobilization and outreach to connect with the community.

Campaign Strategies:

Sandra shopping for the kids - CUPE CARES!

Peterborough Coalition Toy Drive - Peterborough Library

Chris Lang CUPE 1306 & Linda Bolton CUPE 126 Quebec City Legislature October 2013

The campaign will be supported by research and communications staff and will focus all efforts on three key areas involving:

  • Member education and mobilization
  • Public awareness about public control and ownership of public services
  • Outreach to effectively lobby Councils on the budget

This will involve CUPE members and their families, CUPE locals in and around and north of Peterborough City and County, the broader labour movement and of course, Municipal Councillors.

Some of the Events being held and for which we need volunteers are:

  • Labour Day outreach & celebration picnic
  • Canada Day Parades, Pride Parades & Santa Claus Parades
  • Joint union members meetings
  • Development of a community outreach strategy
  • Mobilization of members and the community to defend public services
  • Lobbying of politicians
  • All candidates meetings

These events are always lots of fun and a great way to get our positive image out there.  If you have an event in your municipality that you’d like to see supported by this Committee, contact Chris Lang at 705-772-5578.

Out of the Cold Dinner February 2014

The Big Pink Bus - Local 966 helps out at the Gay Pride Parade